Bettering Healthcare for Everyone

Omnia Healthcare is dedicated to helping their clients improve their financial, operational, and clinical performance by seeking synergistic solutions. We provide responsive and innovative management services to an ever-changing healthcare sector.

Our three primary focuses

Omnia Healthcare helps healthcare providers across the United States achieve new operational, clinical and financial milestones. Using a responsive and innovative approach, we seek synergies and solutions that fit our clients’ needs and pursuits.

New Business

Planning, designing and managing new projects and initiatives and structuring and raising the capital needed to support them.


Developing new products, services and solutions for our clients in an ever-changing healthcare sector.


Leveraging the experience and creativity of our team to empower our clients and allow them to achieve superior results.

Careers at Omnia

Omnia Healthcare is built on a culture of innovation and engages a work-focused, fun and creative environment for its employees.

Our Targeted Candidates

Our ideal candidate is creative, leadership oriented and self-motivated. This embraces our culture and history of being innovators and leaders in the healthcare space.

Our Application Process

Our process is designed to be easy for all applicants. For more information on applying to Omnia Healthcare please email us at Please be sure to indicate which facility you are interested in.

Our Interview Process

We like to engage informative and insightful interviews that allow us to learn more about each other. Your best preparation is to plan ahead, to share your thoughts and to be yourself.

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